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The college recruiting process can be a challenging and overwhelming process for both players and parents.  While it may not be the goal or desire of every player to play college baseball, for those that are determined to see if they have what it takes, the Reds offer a proven track record of preparing players with the baseball skills required coupled with the vast experience of going through the recruiting process.

The website below is an excellent source for understanding the recruitment process, requirements and what preparations need to be taken by student athletes.



You should create a template introduction letter that you will send to each college coach. In this letter you should introduce yourself, explain why you are contacting the coach, why you are interested in the university and baseball program. A baseball resume should resemble the format of a business resume. You will want to include your personal info, academic info, baseball awards and accolades, and any baseball references (coaches, scouts, instructors) that can be a judge of character and talent. You should send your introduction letter and baseball resumé hard copy through the mail and also through email. If you’re using email, make sure your email address is professional and appropriate.

Example of Baseball Resume



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