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The Reds organization was founded in 2005 by Steve Hanson with a vision of providing year-
round baseball instruction with a high level of competitive play during the season.
In the summer of 2020 Bobby Kuntzendorf became the new President of the Northern Illinois
Reds. Bobby is a former NIU Pitcher and pitching coach. Bobby has coached since he finished
his collegiate career and brings with him a lot of first-hand experience with high level baseball.
Bobby’s goal is to develop committed players and provide as many opportunities to play after
high school as possible.

Also in the summer of 2020, as part of the effort to further develop the Reds organization and
its athletes, current high school and former Reds coach Joe Grimaldi came in as co-owner and
Vice President. Joe’s goal is to develop polished competitive players that are ready for both the
physical and mental rigors of the game. Together, Bobby and Joe also strive to maintain a
healthy culture for both the athletes and families within the organization. Immediately, the
work had begun, building a new home and name for the Reds organization. The Northern
Illinois Reds became the Reds Baseball Academy. In November of 2020 Bobby and Joe
completed construction of the Reds Baseball Academy indoor training facility located at 111 W.
Hydraulic Ave. in Yorkville Illinois.

The Reds Baseball Academy (RBA) facility is roughly 8000 square feet in total that is split for
dual use. The baseball side of the facility is 5000+ square feet of turf containing 2 - 70 foot and
one 55-foot retractable batting cages that allows for not just conventional batting practice but
the ability to hit against live pitching. Retracting the cages allows for a wide range of throwing
and defensive practice uses. The physical training side of the facility is over 2500 square feet
that is dedicated to physical development of RBA athletes containing a complete weight
training facility. The RBA indoor training facility is owned and operated by the Reds Baseball

Over the last 10 years the Reds organization developed roughly 75 baseball players who
committed to play in college. RBA boasts a professional coaching staff with decades of playing
and coaching experience.

RBA works to schedule its competitive high school teams in some of the best events in the
country in an effort to get its baseball athletes an opportunity to perform in front of as many
college coaches as possible. RBA’s youth teams focus on well-rounded development with
rigorous practice and play against competition that will challenge our athletes and aid their
growth as players and young men.

Individual lessons and seasonal clinics, as well as partial and full facility rentals are available to
members and non-members of the Reds Baseball Academy organization.
What do the REDS offer that other local teams don't?

RBA strives to keep our prices affordable as compared to other organizations. It is a priority for the RBA family to make competitive baseball training and play, affordable and accessible to as many athletes and families as possible.  RBA offers the serious player a home to develop and grow at a pace suitable for the athlete and their family.
Our coaching staff is experienced and well trained, RBA places a premium on player development and baseball fundamentals, we also focus equally on character development both on and off the field.  We recognize a healthy dugout and strong player culture is vital to our success and the quality experience we at RBA desire for our athletes.
We match our youth teams against competition that will challenge them as players, and provide feedback on the areas of the game our athletes need to work on so they can continue their growth as they approach high school age.  RBA attempts to place our high school teams in the most competitive events possible.  We seek to both challenge our athletes with great competition and exposure to college coaches to assist in their efforts to compete for the opportunity to play college baseball.
The RBA bottom line is that we want to provide our athletes and families with a quality baseball experience that not only provides great memories, but the guidance and tools to make every effort to realize their dreams of playing college baseball.

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