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Head Coach

Zeke Hernandez


Assistant Coaches


1.    Reece Drohan
2.    Andrew Hernandez
3.    Emilio Ayala
4.    Javy Ruiz
5.    Sam Genslinger
6.    TJ Boyd
7.    Noah Pacheco
8.    Xavier Flores
9.    Rudy Griffing
10.    Andy Cabral
11.    Austin Davey
12.    Mason Smithee
13.    Garret Polson
14.    Gio Gonzalez



June 18-20:

Father’s Day Classic - Pleasant Prairie, WI

June 24-27:

11th Annual Cap Classic - Pittsburgh, PA

July 1-4:

Spartan Classic - Aurora, IL

July 7-11:

PBR/Cincy Flames CABA Wood Bat World Series - Cincinnati, OH

July 15-18:

PG Summer Sizzler - Dupage Medical Stadium

July 22-25:

PG National Championships - Dupage Medical Stadium (Joliet)

**With high school baseball being so up in the air this year, we are hoping we will be able to start that first weekend (June 18-20). From everything we have heard and people we have talked to, it shouldn’t be a problem. If HS baseball finishes earlier than that, teams will start practicing and scrimmaging so they are ready for the tournament schedule. Any questions, please let us know.**

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